4K Active Optical Fiber HDMI 2.0 Cables
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8K Active Optical AOC HDMI 2.1 Fiber Cable

Highlight Features:

  • Unparalleled 8K 60Hz definition;
  • Maximum 240Hz ideal for immersive entertainment;
  • Optical / Electrical solution for lossless transmission;
  • 48Gbps bandwidth;
  • Easy-grip zinc-alloy housing and gold-plated connectors

The BHDC-21-XX serires 8K Active Fiber Optic HDMI 2.1 Cables are also called 8K AOC HDMI Cable, 8K Fiber Optic HDMI Cable, 8K Active Fiber HDMI Cable,8K HDMI Fiber Cable,8K Active Optical Cable, HDMI Active Optical Cable, Active Optical HDMI Cable.

They are made of high quality hybrid optical fiber cable(4 Fiber & 7 Cooper) with up to 48Gbps Ultra High Speed and 8K@60Hz resolutions signals without signal loss. By utilizing BONES’ unique AOC+™ technology, the 8K Active Fiber Optic HDMI 2.1 Cables enable conversion between input signals and optical signals for optimum high bandwidth data transmissions and 70 meters maximum transmission length (30m for supporting eARC).

This EMI-resistant 8K Active Fiber Optic HDMI 2.1 Cables offer the ideal values for every frame up to 8K unparalleled visual, and up to 240Hz refresh rate, as specified in HDMI 2.1, to let you enjoy the immersive entertainment and gaming experience. The optical solution ensures the mass signal will be transmitted in a lossless way even long distance.

Highlight Features:

  • Support 8K@60Hz and 4K@120Hz, as specified in HDMI 2.1;
  • 48Gbps mass-capacity bandwidth. Backward compatible;
  • Designed for transmitting up to 8K@60Hz unparalleled visual, as well as VR and 3D display signal in a lossless way even a long distance;
  • Refresh rate at 120Hz while under 4K, ultra-fast motion UHD images to be crisp and razor-sharp, and higher refresh rate when using lower resolution;
  • With Dynamic HDR, contrast, depth, brightness and wider color gamut are shown at ideal values on a frame-by-frame basis;
  • With eARC, connectivity is enhanced and simplified for greater ease of use of multiple components discovery and audio optimization;
  • Support the high-bitrate audio formats up to192kHz, 24-bit, and uncompressed 5.1 and 7.1, Dolby specific lossless audio formats, and 32-channel uncompressed audio;
  • With VRR, gameplay will be more fluid and better detailed with nearly zero lag, judder and frame tearing;
  • Support EDID incl. self-detecting function, ALLM, QMS and QFT;
  • Made with strong zinc-alloy housing and corrosion-resistant gold-plated connector;
  • Easy-grip zinc-alloy housing and gold-plated connectors;
  • High resistance against surrounding electromagnetic interference. Safe for everyone via the nil-radiation environment;
  • Up to 70m maximum length(30m max. for eARC );
  • Custom length,logo,packaging available;


  • Digital signage
  • LED signs & monitors for stadiums,hospitals,shipping malls
  • Medical imaging equipment
  • Airport boarding video information system
  • Home Theater, Blu-ray, 3D video, projector, set-top box, DVR, game console control and monitor connection
  • Radio and TV station
  • Video conference equipment
  • Security monitoring system

Technical Specifications:

Item Description
Units Transmitter (Source) Receiver ( Display)
HDCP & DDC HDCP 2.2 Fully Support bi- directional EDID and HDCP  communication
Video Bandwidth 12 Gbps/x 4Channel
Supported Resolution & Distance  480p, 720p, 1080i and 1080p deep color, 4Kp50/60/100/120 and 8Kp50/60 up to 30m
O/E Converter 4 channel 850 nm  array 4 CH GaAs PD  array
Connector Type HDMI type A
Cable Type Hybrid type with OM3 fiber and copper  wire
Cable Length 15m/20m/30m (with +/- 20cm tolerance) Custom length available, up to 70 meters maximum.
Cable Outer Diameter 4.5mm
Jacket Outer Material PVC/TPU(Custom)
Cable W eight TBD Cable Weight TBD
Cable Color TBD Cable Color TBD
Differential Input 100 ohm (typ)
Power Consumption 250mW (max)
Power Supply Non external power required
Extreme Working Environment:
Item Symbol Minimum Value Maximum Value Unit
Voltage VCC 4.5 5.5 V
Working Temperature Top 0 50 °C
Storage Temperature Ts -40 70 °C
Storage Humility Hs 10 80 %RH
Recommended Working Environment:
Item Symbol Minimum Value Maximum Value Unit
Voltage VCC 4.75 5.25 V
Working Temperature Top 0 50 °C
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