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Plastic Fiber Crimping Tool

  • -RoHS-Compliant
  • -Compatible with Broadcom Versatile Link family of connectors and fiber optic components
  • -Crimping Diameter range: 1.8~4.5mm
  • -Tensile Force: ≥3KG
  • -1 mm diameter Plastic Optical Fiber (POF) in two grades: low cost standard POF with 0.22 dB/m typical attenuation, or high performance extra low loss POF with 0.19 dB/m typical attenuation

Product Description:

Item: POF Cable Crimper



The BHT-PC2 POF crimper is a simple low-cost crimping tool providing high quality polymer optical fiber (POF) crimping for Broadcom(formerly Avago) Versatile Link (VL) HFBR connectors in  simplex, simplex latching, duplex and duplex latching.


The versatile, inexpensive and easy-to-use tool is ideally suited for laboratory use or field installations where a low number of POF terminations are required.


Supported Connectors:

  • Latching Simplex: HFBR-4513/4503
  • Latching Duplex: HFBR-4516z
  • Friction Simplex: HFBR-4501/4511
  • Friction Duplex: HFBR-4506z