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SOURIAU RMPOF1000 Male plastic optical fiber ferrule pin contact
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SOURIAU RCPOF1000B Female plastic optical fiber socket contact, size #16

  • Insertion Loss: 2.0dB Max.
  • Operating Temperature: -25 ~+70℃
  • Durability: 800 times
  • Ferrule Pushing Force: 7.8N(0.8kgf) – 11.2N (1.2kgf)
  • Standard Packing: 50/1000PCs/bag
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SOURIAU RCPOF1000B Female plastic optical fiber socket contact, size #16


Souriau RC / RM #16 (1.6mm) screw machined contacts are designed as snap-in pin and sockets, specifically engineered for industrial connectors operating in harsh environments such as nuclear power plants, aerospace and other fields.

These contacts are compatible with various connector series like UTS, UT0, UTG, UTL, UTP, SMS, MBG, featuring #16 cavities. Their unique design allows seamless transitions between connector series without requiring changes in crimping tools. This versatility avoids additional investments and eliminates the need for requalification.

Crafted from a high-conductive copper alloy, these contacts come with a wide plating range, including gold, gold flash, and tin over nickel options, ensuring diverse electrical performance requirements are met.

The use of heat-treated beryllium copper locking springs ensures secure locking and alignment of contacts within the housing. The closed entry design of RC socket contacts prevents probe damage, ensuring long-term, high-performance functionality.

RC / RM #16 (1.6mm) screw machined contacts accommodate copper cores ranging from AWG30 (0.05mm²) to AWG14 (2.5mm²). Additionally, coax options such as RMDX and RCDX support 50 or 75Ω, catering to coaxial or twisted pair cable needs.

Bones distributes Souriau RC / RM #16 (1.6mm) plastic optical fiber connector, and provide customized patchcords service.

For ease of use, we offer various packaging options suitable for all production volumes. Contacts are available in bulk packaging (50 or 1000 pcs) or on reels (2000 pcs), facilitating automated crimping processes.