Versatile Link(VersaLink) Plastic Optical Fiber Cable-HFBR 4501Z/4511Z
Simplex POF Cable GHV4001
RoHS compliant Simplex POF Cable
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Versatile Link(V-pin) Industrial POF Fiber Patch Cords HFBR 4503Z-4513Z

  • Compatible with Avago Versatile Link(V-pin) family of connectors and fiber optic components.
  • Direct replacement for Avago part numbers HFBR-EU550 and HFBR-EUD500.
  • Simplex, duplex, latching and non-latching connector options.
  • General and UL-rated fiber cables are available.
  • Connector terminations are crimped and epoxied for maximum retention.
  • Terminations are polished to a 1ìm finish to ensure high coupling efficiency.
  • Assembly processes exceed Avago recommended procedures.
  • Standard lengths from 1 meter to 80 meters for low-cost manufacturing and quick delivery.

Versatile Link(V-pin) Industrial POF Fiber Patch Cords-Avago HFBR 4503Z to 4513Z

Connector: HFBR-4503Z(Grey) and HFBR-4513Z(Blue) Latching connectors


Plastic Optical Fiber Cable is abbreviated as POF cable, or called as Polymer Optical Fiber cable or PMMA Fiber Cable. It enables low cost, high voltage applications providing safe galvanic isolation with the advantages of optical data transmission; suitable for automotive, industrial and consumer markets.

Broadcom Avago’s simplex and duplex connectors for plastic optical fiber patch cords are low-cost for plastic optical fiber(polymer optical fiber, POF), which are compatible with any versatile link series transmitters and receivers.

Bones manufactures full line of POF cable assemblies with Avago HFBR Versatile Link (VersaLink) connectors and industry-standard 1.0 mm core plastic optical fiber (POF) cable. Multiple standard lengths are available in simplex and duplex cable construction and latching and non-latching options. Jacket material can be PE comply with UL VW-1 flame retardant specification or general PVC, PUR.

 Technical Parameters:

Parameters Unit Numerical Value
Fiber Core Material Polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA) /
Cladding Material   Fluroresine Polymer
Jacket Material PE/PVC/PUR
Numerical Aperture 0.5
Working Wavelength nm 525~650
Incident Angle ≤60°
Bandwidth MHz·100m ≥10
Bending Radius ≥10 times of fiber diameter (Temporary)
≥20 times of fiber diameter (Permanent)
Operating Temperature -55~ +85 (CC2   series)
-40 ~ +70 (CC   series)
Storage Temperature -40 ~ +70
Refractive Index Step index


  • Industrial data links for factory automation and plant control
  • Intra-system links: board-to-board, rack-to-rack
  • Telecommunications switching systems
  • Computer-to-peripheral data links, PC bus extension
  • Proprietary LANs
  • Digitized video
  • Medical instruments
  • High-voltage isolation

Selection Guide:

Part no. Product Specification No. of Cores Fiber Type(um) O.D. (mm) ROHS
Simplex (0.1-80M)
BCVL-031337-□M UL-rated POF Cable, Simplex,

□=Length 0.1-80m

1 980/1000 POF 2.2 Yes
BCVL-031316-□M Regular POF Cable, Simplex,

□=Length 0.1-80m

1 980/1000 POF 2.2 Yes
BCVL-031327-□M Indoor POF Cable, Simplex,

□=Length 0.1-80m

1 980/1000 POF 6.0 Yes
BCVL-031329-□M Outdoor POF Cable, Simplex,

□=Length 0.1-80m

1 980/1000 POF 6.0 Yes
BCVL-031338-□M UL-rated POF Cable, Duplex,

□=Length 0.1-80m

2 980/1000 POF 2.2*4.4 Yes
BCVL-031318-□M Regular POF Cable, Duplex,

□=Length 0.1-80m

2 980/1000 POF 2.2*4.4 Yes
BCVL-031336-□M Indoor POF Cable, Duplex,

□=Length 0.1-80m

2 980/1000 POF 6.0 Yes
BCVL-031337-□M Outdoor POF Cable, Duplex,

□=Length 0.1-80m

2 980/1000 POF 6.0 Yes

About Bones:

Bonestec, earlier known as Bones Electronics Co., Ltd(BEC), has been dedicated to low-loss PMMA plastic optical fiber( POF) cable R&D and manufacturing since 2013. As time passes by, Bones built production lines for various fiber optic cable polishing, termination and pre-assembly to satisfy customers’ various demands.

BEC offers a range of high quality Plastic Optical Fiber(POF) cables, POF patch cords, POF Cable Assemblies, LC plugs, and pre-assembled patch cords in RedLink™, Versalink, LC and OptoLock® styles, suitable for use with the company’s range of transceivers and other industry standard products.