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1 in 2 out SPDIF Digital Optical Toslink Cable Splitter


  • Core Diameter:1000 um
  • Wavelength Range:525 – 650 um
  • Fiber Core Material:Plastic
  • Cable Length: 0.15 m
  • Optical Toslink Audio Cable Type:1 to 2 splitter type-1 in 2 out
  • Input Connector:Male
  • Output Connector A:Female
  • Output Connector B:Female


This 1 to 2 Out Digital Toslink Fiber Audio Optical Splitter Cable is special designed for you to split a single signal into two to connect two different devices. And adpoted 24k Gold Connector and 1mm low-loss core, low-jitter synthetic fiber and heavy metal connectors to dampen vibration, giving you ultimate listening experience.


Operating and connecting
1. Connect DVD/CD Player to power amplifier.
2. Connect computer to power amplifier.
3. Connect PSII/PSIII/HDVD to power amplifier.
4. Connect digital TV/STB to power amplifier.


100% brand new and high quality.
This SPDIF/TOSLINK Digital Optical Audio splitter allows you to distribute inputdigital optical audio to Two different amplifiers or receivers such as a A/Vreceiver and a television, seamlessly and flawlessly without degradatio.
The 1 to 2 TosLink / Optical audio splitter adapter is ideal for connecting yourCD player, DVD player, or other digital audio source to both of your receiverand recorder.
Features 24k Gold Connectors.
The splitter adapter is perfect for professional or home installations as itsaves on the wear of constant plugging and unplugging of cables.
Allows you to maximize your home theater system.
Easy hook up of multiple components without having to switch around connections.
Compatible with Toslink interface digital audio devices: such as CD/DVD, PS3,X-Box360, Computer, A/V receiver, television and so on.
Connects 2 separate Toslink inputs into 1 output.
Input: 1 Male Toslink.
Spits into 2 female Toslink.
Compatible with Male Toslink cables.

Device Type: Toslink Digital Optical Fiber Optic Splitter
Input: 1 Toslink male
Output: 2 Toslink female
Material: Plastic
Size: 2.20*1.81*0.63inch/56*46*16mm
Cable Length: 6.10inch/155mm
Weight: 0.95 oz (27g)
Color: Black